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Introducing Quantifi

Despi Ross June 6, 2017

Marketers always want to try the new thing. Almost every day, social and emerging platforms release new advertising features and options, each promising to help marketers learn more about their customers, and deliver more value – and revenue – along the customer journey.

Social and emerging platforms deliver new ad placements, formats and targeting capabilities on a weekly basis. To make things more complicated for brands, the cycle of new channels emerging and disappearing completes faster than ever. Digital marketers know that social ads are a priority ($50 billion will be spent on social ads by 2019), but they’re overwhelmed with the changing options in this huge market. How do you keep up while still delivering results?

To stay ahead of the curve, the world’s most innovative–and successful–companies invest heavily in research and development (R&D) departments. From CPG to pharma to tech, these innovation teams experiment day and night to discover what’s next, and to stay ahead of the competition. Similarly, marketers need an R&D platform that enables them to experiment efficiently, at scale.

Today, I’m proud to launch Quantifi, the marketing R&D platform for digital ads. With Quantifi, marketers now have a platform that:

  • Accelerates digital marketing discovery across platforms, audience and creative through smart automation
  • Increases speed from learning to results with continuous experimentation
  • Coaches marketers through every step of the process, based on AI-powered recommendations and the Constellation Data Co-Op.

The Quantifi team has been working for months on developing this AI-powered experimentation engine for social advertising channels. We’re building the platform with top-notch customers, investors and an unrivaled team of digital marketing, AI, and SaaS experts. We can’t wait to show you our vision, platform, and how we help marketers adopt an experimentation mindset and embrace marketing R&D.

Take a look at our launch video, and help us spread the word about @quantifiai in your networks. We can’t wait to experiment with you!

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