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Jazz Up Your Tuesday… With a Mardi Gras Playlist!

Bridget Johnston February 15, 2021

Pattern89’s latest Creative Forecast has 10+ pages of marketing predictions to jazz up campaigns this quarter.

In honor of its 21 Big Ideas for a Roaring 2021, our staff decided to make a playlist of our favorite tunes for Mardi Gras. Tune in below… and let the good times roll!


What Does Pattern89’s Marketing A.I. Do? 

Pattern89 predicts winning marketing creative, before campaigns begin. It’s artificial intelligence analyzes a proprietary data set that includes:

  • over 300 billion (yes, with a “B”) data points
  • 49,000+ creative dimensions of every ad
  • 11 years of historic digital marketing data

With its latest release, Pattern89 is now over 95% accurate in its predictive capabilities. Marketers can now predict winning creative, assemble their top-performing ads, and launch those ads in one click. Schedule a demo to try it for your next campaign.