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Journey Summit: 3 Ways to Bring Tech Enablement to Life

R.J. Talyor October 6, 2017

by R.J. Talyor

We’re just days away from Jornaya’s second annual Journey Summit. It’s an invitation-only event that gives marketing, analytics and compliance leaders the opportunity to share the latest in marketing tech and methods.

I’m moderating the technology enablement panel, where we’ll discuss how companies can use new and emerging tech to give marketing teams a competitive advantage. It’s sure to be a lively and in-depth discussion–but my job next week is to steer conversation, not lead it.

Still, I’ve had the fortune to learn about the fast-growing world of martech from the inside, as well as the challenges of successful tech enablement. Over the years, I’ve gained three key insights about how to make software work for teams.

Ask Questions

We all overestimate our ability to instantly implement software. Asking the right questions can guide you toward choosing the most effective solutions to add to your tech stack.

For marketing leaders, that means talking directly to sales and marketing teams to determine how they use tools already in the stack. Are there gaps that need to be filled? Are there solutions that overlap? Are there platforms with low adoption? Evaluating what you already have can do more than save money–it can give you a much clearer picture of how to future-proof your tech stack and boost efficiency.

Prioritize Adoption

There are few things more frustrating than buying a solution that no one uses. Invest in the time to train team members, answer their questions, and provide resources that help them incorporate tech into their routines as seamlessly as possible.

But just because a sales or marketing team member has received training once doesn’t mean they’ll use a solution every day. That’s why executive buy-in is important: if your teams know leadership is behind them and willing to help, adoption may become and remain steady.

Evaluate Often

The martech and adtech spaces are constantly in flux, with new solutions launched nearly every quarter. That doesn’t mean you should switch software every quarter–but biannual or annual evaluation of price, time saved, adoption rate and other metrics is critical.

Create a group of sales and marketing team members whose job is to keep track of solution metrics–when those two groups can work together using the same tools, they’ll be much more efficient and effective.

Are you headed to Philly for Journey Summit? Let us know–we’d love to meet you and chat about martech and adtech!

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