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July’s Trends for Brand Awareness Creative

Bridget Johnston June 30, 2020

Every creative choice makes a big impact on ad performance. Luckily for marketers today, Pattern89’s artificial intelligence is able to predict the top-performing creative decisions for them. 

Pattern89 analyzes billions of advertiser data points daily, finding statistically significant trends to improve your ad performance. 

We all know that current events, seasons and cultural attitudes impact what consumers connect with. Pattern89’s artificial intelligence can analyze and interpret data to determine what creative ad elements are on-trend at any moment.

Let’s look at what’s trending for brand awareness campaigns. 

Pattern89 Predict is able to determine your brand’s top-performing ad creative, before campaigns begin. And beyond that, it can make predictions for specific campaign objectives. 

Download July’s Brand Awareness Creative Brief.

Brand Awareness Creative Brief

The following events influenced July’s trending creative:

  • A quarantined lifestyle
  • Fantasies of summer vacation
  • Easing of social distancing
  • Social movements, including Pride and Black Lives Matter
  • The first days of summer

If you’d like to see how these moments have influenced creative trends at other stages of the funnel, you can download the full Creative Trends Report. 

Your brand has unique creative trends. 

While these trends outlined above cover all industries, your brand has its own unique creative trends. Want to know what they are? Sign up for a platform review and see Pattern89 in action with your own data.