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July’s Trends for Conversion Campaign Creative

Maureen Reilly July 13, 2020

You generated new client leads, entered their consideration group, formed the initial relationship—now what? As you near the end of the marketing funnel, it is crucial to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing ad creative. 

Pattern89’s artificial intelligence can analyze billions of advertiser data points to determine what creative ad elements are on-trend at any moment. As consumers make their final evaluations and purchase decisions, make sure you are using the right ad creative to convince them that your brand is the best choice. 

Let’s look at what’s trending for conversion campaigns. 

In the final stage of the marketing funnel, Pattern89 Predict is able to show you what trending creative will perform best, before campaigns begin. Beyond that, it can even analyze and make predictions for specific campaign objectives

Download July’s Conversion Campaign Creative Brief.

Bottom-of-Funnel Creative Brief

To best connect with your potential new customers, use these unique insights:

  • Videos help you seal the deal
  • Headlines can be longer and more specific
  • Hashtags help you stay trending and capture the right audience
  • Body text should be shorter and to the point—but ask a question to keep your audience engaged and draw them back to your website

If you’d like to see creative trends and insights at other stages of the funnel, you can download the full Creative Trends Report.

Your brand has unique creative trends. 

While these trends outlined above cover all industries, your brand and your industry have their own unique creative trends that help you secure conversions. Want to learn more about them? Sign up for a free platform review and see Pattern89 in action with your own data