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How to Love Your Customers Out Loud

R.J. Talyor February 15, 2018

Almost a year ago to the day, we hosted a kickoff event in High Alpha’s offices to show our guests how Quantifi would change the social advertising landscape. Yesterday, we thanked our customers for joining us in the journey to create the world’s best social ads platform. We unveiled new features, shared a timeline for upcoming enhancements, and served a breakfast from Patachou and Milktooth that expressed just how much we love the folks who love our product.

Our Valentine’s Day event wouldn’t have been possible without the work of our dedicated and hardworking team. But we wouldn’t have our devoted customers without treating them with respect, committing to constant communication, and rewarding people with a decent meal every now and then. It’s kind of like a relationship: you get from it what you put in, and if the relationship lasts, it’s because you both work at it.

Treat Customers Like Partners

The nature of the SaaS world requires us to iterate constantly, to improve and change and upgrade and reimagine our product. We cannot deliver a product that addresses the needs of our customers without partnering with them to create solutions. That means we ask for feedback, we learn from our mistakes and we make good on our promises. It’s why we use customer feedback to shape product enhancements and craft new visions for the future of Quantifi.

Share Your Future and Communicate

A successful partnership also requires clear lines of communication. When you’re not getting what you need from a partner, it’s important to tell them–but it’s just as important to listen as well. Our Digital Marketing Strategists do more than just tell our customers how to use Quantifi. They take guidance from customers, too, and respond to their needs in ways tailor-made to address their needs. The only way to build a lasting future with someone is to agree on what that future looks like, and we want every single one of our customers to continue this journey with us.

Food is an Excellent Love Language

Our product is lives in cyberspace, but the fastest way to someone’s heart is still through their stomach. So yesterday we presented our customers with the tastiest biscuits and gravy, locally sourced sausage and ham and other morning treats. Demonstrating our appreciation to our customers by feeding them might be a little more than most SaaS companies do–but it’s an effective engagement strategy.

This year, Valentine’s Day offered us the opportunity to celebrate the relationships we’ve built with our customers. We want to strengthen those ties, make new ones and get even better at building relationships. It’s what we’re good at, and we want to show the social ads world just how much better we can become.