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MAICON Recap: Four Top Takeaways

Bridget Johnston July 17, 2019

The inaugural MAICON (Marketing AI Conference) kicked off in Cleveland, Ohio and Pattern89 CEO, R.J. Talyor was there for the action, along with some heavy hitters, like IBM and Facebook, and several other start-ups. The attendees engaged in an AI-focused agenda ranging from Softbank’s Pepper the Robot to deepfakes. One thing was clear: the energy and anticipation around AI is very high for the marketing world. 

Here are Pattern89’s key takeaways from MAICON 2019:

  • We’re all new to this. Karen Hao’s presentation started ironing out some of the wrinkles, and conversations throughout the day defined AI, ML, data science, deep learning, and all of the new acronyms marketers need to know for the future of AI-driven marketing.
  • Trust: where’s my data going? Who’s listening to voice commands? What’s shared and what remains anonymous? Mitch Joel’s keynote highlighted the new threat of deepfakes and–even more believable?–voice fakes. The newest technology presents new questions and marketers, technology providers, and consumers all want clarity.
  • Technology needs to solve customer problems. Yep, AI is cool. But it needs to solve a business problem. Ken Natori, president of women’s retailer Natori, offered a vulnerable point of view when he said, “I literally don’t know anything about artificial intelligence. I’m actively trying to find partners that can really understand our business and how their product can help solve problems…that’s my biggest demand.”
  • Humans will have new–even more important–jobs in five years. Automation, AI/ML and new capabilities will replace the rote tasks. Paul Roetzer’s kickoff illustrated this perfectly with data to support. How do we exploit our humanness?

And of course, Pattern89 launched, crowning its first human champion in a live gameshow format.

Keep rocking, Cleveland!