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Dynamic Creative Ads Improve with AI-Driven Color Audit

Bridget Johnston February 14, 2020

There are 10 million colors. And there are billions of ways to use colors in making dynamic creative ads. 

What if you were able to know which colors drive your ad performance? You can, with an AI-driven color audit! 

A color audit can determine what exact hues drive performance for your dynamic creative ads.

A color audit determines what exact hues drive performance for your brand.

Trending Colors Right Now

Even the smallest creative choices impact ad performance. Marketers are always focused on how to draft the best copy, build the best offers, and connect with the most customers. 

When attempting to engage with customers though, small decisions in color use can make big differences. For example, various shades of blue might work for your brand, but their impacts can be different across platforms and mediums.

A specific color on an Instagram Story ad might not make as much of an impact as it would on an Instagram Carousel ad. 

These are the colors trending right now.

These colors are currently trending on dynamic creative ads on Instagram stories, but should you include them on another type of Instagram ad? 

These colors are currently trending on Instagram stories, but should you include them on another type of Instagram ad?

With advancements in AI technology though, marketers and designers can discover how to curate colors in their advertisements to get the most out of their campaigns.

How Color Choice Makes Dynamic Creative Ads Work

Every day, AI analyzes 2,900 creative dimensions of every ad in its data set. While analyzing this data, it finds statistically significant trends and patterns in creative. This process identifies what creative decisions will improve the results of your ads.

AI’s data processing includes reviewing:

  • 50 billion impressions
  • Millions of other digital ads
  • Over 2,900 dimensions of every single ad
  • All of these points above, across the past 7 years

This wealth of data means that Pattern89’s predictive capabilities can determine what colors will improve conversion rates, click through rates, reach and engagement. 

If you want to see what colors drive your ad performance, get your free AI-driven color audit.