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Marketing in the Era of iOS 14

Bridget Johnston May 3, 2021

iOS 14 is changing marketing forever. The third-party cookie apocalypse is changing ad targeting too.

When so much strategy was built on the principles of our old digital marketing world, how can campaigns perform to their expectations? 

Can marketers survive?

Can marketers… dare I say it… thrive? 

The only way to win in our iOS 14-dominated, cookie-less world is by only showing consumers your strongest advertising creative ever. 

How can you possibly do that? Artificial intelligence is the answer.

AI Offers Dependability in an Uncertain Future

With today’s advancements in data science and deep learning, marketers are able to predict creative performance. 

This means that you can essentially test how any piece of creative– or millions of creative combinations– will perform before campaigns begin. You’ll know winning creative, before you spend.

AI’s predictive capabilities are over 95% accurate. Humans are much less so. However, humans are much more creative than AI will ever be. 

The only way for marketers to win in our new digital era is to blend both. 

Marketing teams that will survive and thrive nowadays will use data to guide their creative decision making. 

As we can see in Pattern89’s Virtual Museum, people will always come up with the best ideas… But insights from AI will guide them to determine which granular decisions will enhance performance. 

Scale Up While Marketing With iOS 14 

Often times, people make decisions based on gut feeling or tried-and-true tactics.

Given the latest opt-in options for iOS users and the loss of third-party cookies, marketers are challenged to drive higher revenue demands with fewer tools in their toolkits.

Or so it seems. 

Despite the changes brought on by iOS 14 and the loss of third-party cookies, today’s marketers still have huge advantages, thanks to advertiser data. AI is the only thing that can analyze all that data quickly and succinctly. 

Artificial intelligence is another tool for marketers to use. It’s necessary now, more than ever.

For example, artificial intelligence can track in real time what content, targeting adjustments and spending shifts will increase profitability from every campaign. This results in:

So don’t fear. The end of great marketing isn’t here. Things just look different. 

Watch our webinar to learn some more tips on how to get ahead in the era of iOS 14. 

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