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Moving Your Ads to the Social Fast Lane

Sharmin Kent March 7, 2018

Attending Social Media Marketing World last week gave me an opportunity to hear how brands leverage social media to reach their audiences. Marketers from every industry are investing in social advertising to attract and interact with their customers. But nearly every person I talked to said the same thing: they can’t create effective ads quickly enough.

That adjective–“effective”–is important. If a social ad campaign doesn’t do its job, it’s a waste time and resources–things most digital marketers have very little of. But without testing variations of ads, it’s difficult for brands to uncover what works best for for their audiences. The result can resemble stumbling in the dark: without reliable audience data, brands end up creating social campaigns blindly. The ability to create ads quickly doesn’t help at all if they don’t engage audiences.

There’s more than one way to address the dilemma of building successful social campaigns. But together, each of these elements can help marketers build social campaigns that lead to more, better conversions in less time.

Listen Harder

Brands can’t deliver what their potential customers want without knowing what they’re looking for. MarketingProfs suggests adopting a “listen first” approach for social advertising. That means instead of telling your audience about your product, listen to the needs of the customer and what they believe is important. Beginning with data that reveals what your audiences care about most can help build ads that address customer needs directly.

Get Familiar

Listening to customer needs is just the beginning. Delivering relevant ad content also requires brands to actively engage with audiences. How often do people respond to your social content–and how do you encourage dialogue with them? Becoming more familiar with how, where and when your target audiences engage with brands online makes it easier to quickly create relevant ads across social channels.

Invest in Machine Learning

he buzzword “machine learning” is often used to describe software platforms, but true machine learning helps marketers discover insights they might not find on their own. Combine machine learning with a robust data co-op and a unifying user interface, and you’ve got a solution that empowers marketers to do more, better and faster. Quantifi’s data

With Quantifi, marketers have the power to use data-driven insights to improve social ads results. Create social ads in just minutes, receive machine-learning-powered coaching, and see real ad performance results in days, not weeks. Instead of spending hours in native power editors, marketers can save valuable time and focus on building better, more creative social ads.

The playing field of social advertising changes so rapidly that what works today may be outdated by the end of the week. But marketers owe it to their customers–and themselves–to search for solutions that offer flexibility, speed and predictive data.

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