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NEW: Carousel Ads

Jeff Cunning February 5, 2018

As social media advertising needs evolve, brands need tools that evolve with them. That’s why Quantifi now supports carousel ads for Facebook and Instagram.

What are carousel ads?

The carousel ad format allows brands to show up to 10 images or videos in a single ad, each with its own link. The format also gives brands an opportunity to showcase different products, reveal several details about a single product, or tell a story across a single ad.

How does Quantifi help customers build carousel ads?

Customers can build carousel ads within the Quantifi platform, making creation and previews much faster. Create several carousel ads for a single campaign and experiment with media, copy and calls-to-action to discover which ads work best.

What else can customers do with carousel ads?

Because video can be used in carousel ads, customers can experiment with both images and videos to determine which medium engages the most target audience members. Quantifi’s platform offers real-time performance metrics, delivering results to customers and allowing them to change ads quickly to accommodate target audience preferences.

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