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A New Look at Constellation

Mark Clerkin November 20, 2017

by Mark Clerkin

Since our launch, Quantifi has worked hard to offer our customers the best R&D social ad platform on the planet. A foundational part of that platform is Constellation, the data co-op that powers Quantifi.

What is Constellation?

Digital marketers are responsible for more than ever: creating social ads, tracking performance, keeping an eye on competitors and proving return on ad spend (ROAS). Constellation makes those tasks more than easy–it makes them instant.

Constellation gathers social ad data to create performance benchmarks for its participants. That means you can gain visibility into your ad performance, as well as set benchmarks that show you how your ads stack up compared to competitors. Whether your preferred social channels are Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can get a clear snapshot of your ad performance.

What Will Constellation Scorecard Do for Me?

Most digital marketers track how much they’re spending and monitor which of their ads are most successful. But the majority of those actions are taken in a vacuum. It’s hard to determine an acceptable CPA if you don’t know what your competitors are paying, or how their ads perform across channels.

Constellation shines thousands of data points on your data, revealing the range of spend for similar ads, how much competitors spend on ads across social channels and more. It’s like receiving a personality report for social ads: you can view your strengths and weakness, as well as those of your competitors, and use that information to improve your social ad creation right away.

How Do I Get a Constellation Scorecard?

Here’s the best part. Just go to the Constellation Scorecard page and authenticate the social channels you want to measure. Depending on how many channels you add, the entire process takes less than a minute and it’s 100% free.

Don’t wait for the new year to plan your winning social ad strategy. Click here to get your Constellation Scorecard now.