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The New New Thing Podcast: How to Measure Brand Marketing Success With Gainsight CMO Anthony Kennada

Liz Prugh May 30, 2017

This podcast is hosted by R. J. Talyor, editor-in-chief of The New New Thing and Liz Prugh, managing editor of The New New Thing. New episodes are published every Monday.

This week on The New New Thing podcast we are pleased to chat with Gainsight’s CMO Anthony Kennada. Gainsight is the customer success company that helps its clients leverage the power of customer data to manage at-risk customers and grow the lifetime value of healthy ones. Anthony has helped launch Gainsight into its massive success and has established the company as a leader with its one-of-a-kind marketing efforts and brand.

Fresh off Gainsight’s infamous customer success conference Pulse, Anthony shares what’s new and exciting in all things customer success. Our chat digs into the highlights from the conference, including behind-the-scenes operations, from how he and his team measure the conference’s success — to booking The Backstreet Boys and Vanilla Ice.

Tune in for details on:

  • Marketing risks that paid off: How Anthony pulled off Carpool Karaoke with Gainsight’s and Box’s CEOs (see the video below!);
  • Marketing risks that didn’t pay off: Anthony shares how one of his bigger-budget marketing risks didn’t pay off and what he and his team learned from it;
  • Metrics of success for brand marketing: How Anthony and his marketing team had to work with their new CFO to justify the conference’s brand activity and connect it to pipeline;
  • Balancing risk with marketing efforts: How initially Gainsight had booked The Backstreet Boys for its Pulse conference, and why in the end Vanilla Ice was booked instead;
  • Inspiration: How Anthony and his team discover new ideas and where they get inspired.

Check out the Carpool Karaoke video with Gainsight and Box’s CEOs:

Follow Anthony on Twitter @akennada for more marketing inspiration, and check out Gainsight to learn more about how the company is revolutionizing the way businesses look at customer success.

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