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The New New Thing Podcast: Marketing Must-Haves for Startups

Liz Prugh January 30, 2017

In our first podcast for The New New Thing, host R. J. Talyor, Editor-in-Chief of The New New Thing, Liz Prugh, Managing Editor of The New New Thing, and Despi Ross, VP of Customer Success for Quantifi. Their first guest is author and speaker Kyle Lacy. The group discusses Kyle’s love for colonial homes in his home city of Boston (as seen on his Instagram), as well as his expertise in launching marketing organizations for startup companies in his current role as VP of Marketing for OpenView Venture Partners.

Specifically, the group breaks down:

  • How to differentiate social channels from personal and business (or, attempt to);
  • Why marketing ops is more important than ever;
  • How companies make their employees “give a shit”;
  • How Wendy’s Twitter strategy was a risky move, and why it worked;
  • The “Four P’s” marketing organizations should structure around, and more.

You can find Kyle and his adventures on Twitter and on his website.

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Featured image: Live Nation