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The Next New Thing: Learning from Experimentation

Sharmin Kent October 31, 2017

Marketing is hard. Creating engaging marketing content on a steady basis, even harder. But what’s harder still is building a company from scratch while launching an online publication.

The New New Thing was born from the idea that digital marketers demand a single location to find the most current, most innovative news from the cutting edge of marketing and technology. And that’s still true: we all demand news and discussions that help us become better, smarter, more creative marketers.

That’s why The New New Thing is moving to Quantifi’s website and living on as a podcast. Twice a month, listeners can expect to hear new, provocative, and unexpected marketing insights from some of the industry’s best minds. And we’re branching out beyond just marketers, talking to scientists, professors, writers, and everyone in between.

The online publication will be absorbed as an integral element of the Quantifi blog. Our goal is to deliver content that sparks creativity, dialogue and experimentation–and our blog strives to provide the most useful insights available on the internet.

Experimentation is a core value at Quantifi, and The New New Thing is one of our most successful experiments to date. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest podcasts and content from our team and partners.

The Quantifi team hopes to keep you informed, engaged, and experimenting