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Now Hiring: A Creative, Totally Badass PR Partner

Despi Ross March 5, 2019

Pattern89 is on the hunt for a new PR partner to help us pivot our approach. Do you know the perfect partner? Do you think you might be that partner? Check out these requirements to know for sure.


Every single one of these are non-negotiable requirements for us to be successful partners. We are looking for an innovative partner who will match our desire for crazy ideas, unorthodox campaigns and stand out messaging.

  • You ask every month what’s new in our product and can speak intelligently about it at a moment’s notice.
  • You don’t mind doing crisis communications work to fix a campaign WE created.
  • You can use “AF” correctly in a text message (or a press release headline).
  • You are unafraid to pitch your craziest, dumbest ideas – since these often turn into the best ideas.
  • You can freely accept criticism and/ or rejection of these ideas.
  • You are not afraid of providing sound creative direction and/ or constructive criticism to get to the best possible solution (NOTE – I am opinionated, confident and unafraid to make decisions. But, I am also kind at heart, will listen to your argument and my mind can be changed with solid rationale.)
  • You’re willing to do the necessary research to figure out what topics and tone are right for a given event, audience or influencer.
  • Speaking of influencers, you know WTF influencer marketing is and how it overlaps with PR.
  • You totally understand our audiences – and if you don’t – you let us know and we figure out a plan to get you up to speed.
  • You know how to crush it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools in service of our PR goals.
  • If it isn’t obvious, you must have a serious sense of humor.

Nice to have:

While not required, these qualifications will make you a stand out candidate:

  • You already have a list of insane story ideas you’d like to pitch to the Farrelly Bros.
  • You have a client that would tell me a story about you that is so funny they cry during the re-telling of it.
  • You or someone on your team has won an award for something unusual.
  • Extra points if you’re metal. Send me screenshots of your fucking score.

How serious am I? Serious AF. If this sounds like you, let’s talk.