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Online retailer, Tecovas, gearing up for the holidays with Pattern89

R.J. Talyor September 13, 2018

Like most retailers, holiday is the biggest season for handmade bootmaker, Tecovas. The online retailer, headquartered in Austin, Texas, set their sights on 3 simple goals to gear up for the increase in holiday ad spending when they began using Pattern89.

The goals:

  1. Increase ROAS
  2. Lower CPC
  3. Increase reach

The Pattern89 platform was configured to optimize for these goals. Within the first 4 weeks, Pattern89’s AI delivered on all three goals with a 17% increase in ROAS, 48% CPC decrease and increased reach by nearly half a million people.

PLUS, overall revenue increased 5% over the previous month.

Pattern89’s AI engine, ARGO, analyzed thousands of ad dimensions and hundreds of millions in ad spend across hundreds of brands to find statistically-significant trends and patterns that improve Tecovas advertising results on Facebook and Instagram. In addition to the topline results, the brand also made some strides in understanding how to better activate the full marketing funnel on social channels.

β€œI’m impressed with these initial results. Pattern89 hit all of our goals in a tough month for us,” said Branden Windle, VP of Marketing at Tecovas. β€œThe platform was so easy to use and gave our already data-driven marketing team even more powerful insights to work with.”

Pattern89 surfaced data-driven tasks for the Tecovas team to help them iterate and improve ad campaigns to drive the specific KPIs they identified in onboarding. Some of these tasks resulted in gains like:

  • 95% reduction in CPC for a high performing Lookalike audience
  • 20% increase in ROAS for conversion-only campaigns
  • New consideration campaign with a CPC 90% below benchmark.

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