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Why Paid Social is So Hard–and How to Fix It

Sharmin Kent March 28, 2018

If it seems like winning at paid social is getting harder to do, that’s because it is. With every algorithm change, brands are facing new and ever-escalating challenges. Building the right audiences, choosing the most effective creative and testing the best headlines can feel like a struggle.

The good news is that digital marketers aren’t alone. Despite the near-constant changes and updates to social channels, there are brands that master paid social. Here are three ways to fix your own paid social campaigns.

Use the Right Ruler

It seems like a strange question, but it’s absolutely necessary: how do you measure success? Facebook ads expert Susan Wenograd suggests creating custom conversions that allow you to follow the steps customers take toward a larger conversion. Tracking and measuring micro-conversions gives marketers a clearer picture of how audiences navigate the path to purchase, and how to make that path smoother to travel. Facebook is still the most trafficked social channel, so what works on Facebook might not work on other channels–but it’s an excellent place to start.

Audience Matters

When it comes to appealing to the right audiences, knowing is half the battle. For Facebook ads, that means measuring both paid and organic traffic. Prospects that engage with both paid and organic content can uncover valuable behavior, and help brands tweak their paid social efforts.

Clean Out the Toolbox

Not every paid social platform is created equal, and not every native ads manager is fine as-is. Consider taking a close look at your current social tech stack and find out which tools make ad creation, tracking and reporting easier.

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