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Pattern89 Complements Your Facebook CBO Strategy. Here’s how.

Bridget Johnston May 2, 2019

You’ve probably heard about Facebook’s decision to make all ads run on their an automated campaign budget optimization (CBO) system. While it’s optional for advertisers now, it will be mandatory soon.

So you’re probably wondering, “How this will affect my campaign budget strategy while using Pattern89?”

The short answer is: It won’t affect it in any major way.

In fact, your campaign budget strategy will only be complemented by this update. Facebook is challenging the market to reexamine campaign set-up and overall message strategy within their channel. Pattern89’s software is equipped to help manage that. Read on to learn how.

What Facebook’s Update Means for Your Ad Campaigns

The biggest difference for marketers using Facebook ads is that they will soon have to set a budget at a higher campaign level, instead of at individual ad set levels.

Once CBO is made mandatory, all Facebook ad budgets will be set at one central location per account. Facebook will then determine how to allocate your money throughout campaigns.  Facebook promises this budget allocation will be spent in the best ways possible, by distributing money to real-time and top-performing ads.

How Will Facebook CBO Affect Pattern89’s Users?

The good news is that Pattern89 users won’t be greatly affected by this update. They’ll still have an edge by using our platform, and implementing Pattern89’s budget alerts won’t negate Facebook’s CBO in any way.

When CBO is implemented for all Facebook advertisers, marketers will no longer need to physically remove budget from one ad set and disperse it among others. When receiving a budget allocation alert, Pattern89 users will now be alerted to simply turn off an underperforming ad set, so budget can automatically reallocated. This is similar to how budget reallocation for ads within an ad set already works, since budget can’t be controlled at the ad level.

This means that you can still optimize your ad spend budgets at a more granular level, and making budget modifications won’t negate Facebook’s optimization at all!

Since Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization is already available, we welcome clients to start using it, before it’s mandatory in September. Between now and then though, Pattern89 will continue working on optimizing your campaigns and ads sets, completely uninterrupted!