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Pattern89 Launches Facebook Ad Tool to Access AI’s Creative Insights Faster than Ever

Bridget Johnston December 16, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 16, 2019) – Pattern89, a technology company revolutionizing digital marketing through artificial intelligence (AI), today announces the launch of a new Facebook ad tool that makes AI accessible to full teams. This update, called Hubble, more thoroughly equips teams across organizations with key performance data to drive marketing goals across funnel stages, verticals, demographics and geographies.

Hubble’s core feature is its Custom Creative Dashboards. These dashboards enable instant access to relevant data for individual users, by customizing metrics unique to their roles and objectives. Custom Creative Dashboards surface relevant insights across 2,900+ ad dimensions. Users can select distinct metrics, keywords, time frames, demographics and more to filter through campaign data and find what performs, faster than ever.

In an effort to further support transparency in AI, Custom Creative Dashboards deliver insights to everyone. From assistants to associates, CEOs to coordinators, this Facebook ad AI tool ensures all team members have the power to drive an organization’s marketing. Whether you’re an executive who needs to understand campaign conversion rates, or a creative who needs to know which emojis to include in your Facebook ads, users can create a Pattern89 dashboard that automatically surfaces the dimensions that drive their goals.

“Pattern89 is committed to making all AI insights transparent and accessible. Our Hubble updates achieve just that,” said Pattern89 Founder and CEO R. J. Talyor. “Hubble makes AI’s insights more accessible to full teams throughout a marketing funnel – not just marketers – meaning more people than ever before will be able to plan, optimize and analyze campaign performance.” 

No matter the user, Hubble helps teams spend less time sorting through data and more time analyzing performance.

Pattern89 is the command center for companies that want to enhance and optimize their paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. It takes the guessing game out of digital marketing optimization. Utilizing revolutionary AI-based software, the company analyzes and predicts on more than 2,900 ad features every day. The software optimizes ad performance in real time by accurately measuring against hundreds of billions of advertiser data points. 

Founded in 2018, Pattern89 has grown to be the leading AI platform for digital marketers who want to maximize creative performance by incorporating results-driven changes to ad campaigns with the click of a button. Pattern89’s proven algorithms predict what ad components drive the biggest results and boost ROI, with an average campaign lift of 21% in two weeks. For more information, visit Pattern89.com.

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About Pattern89

Pattern89 provides powerful artificial intelligence-driven marketing technology to help brands discover the ad elements that drive the most impactful digital ad performance. By identifying successful patterns in companies’ ad data on Facebook, Instagram and Google ads and analyzing the results to hone future campaigns, Pattern89 keeps brands’ digital advertising up-to-date and maximized for performance. For more information, visit pattern89.com.

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