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Pattern89 Launches Discovery Solution to Bolster Companies’ Paid Social Campaigns

Sharmin Kent April 18, 2018

Enhanced Social Advertising Platform Offers Data-Driven Benefits to Brands

Indianapolis, INApril 18, 2018Pattern89, which offers a unique social advertising platform that combines the power of artificial intelligence with campaign automation, announced today that it has launched its new Pattern89 Discovery solution. Pattern89 Discovery includes a four-step process combined with innovative technology to help brands identify the most successful patterns in social advertising, automate ad creation to test those findings, optimize advertising spend and improve future campaign performance – driving better, more effective paid social campaigns.

A global survey conducted by PwC reveals social networks as the top source of inspiration for purchases. This makes paid social campaign efficacy a top priority for brands, particularly ecommerce retail companies. With the clear need for engaging paid social campaigns, Pattern89 Discovery includes the following features of Pattern89’s enhanced social advertising platform:

Pattern89 Data Co-Op: The Pattern89 Data Co-Op contains millions of anonymous data points from hundreds of brands and hundreds of millions in advertising spend, securely collected from digital advertising campaigns across industries and not available to companies anywhere else. Combined with Pattern89 Data Science, brands have the ability to take a granular view of advertising performance.

Pattern89 Data Science: Fueled by Pattern89 Data Co-Op and artificial intelligence technology, this product analyzes brands’ paid social advertising campaigns and offers insights on an ongoing basis to enable companies to refine their campaign creative and strategy to deliver more engaging content and drive stronger results.

Pattern89 Campaigns: A simple, scalable solution for social media advertising campaign management and optimization. This product includes streamlined ad creation tools, a proprietary ad spend optimization algorithm and multichannel advertising support for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Pattern89 CX: Coaching services to help brands get the most from the Pattern89 platform and drive the highest possible ROI from their social advertising spend.

“Scientists have identified 88 constellations in the night sky, and still search for an 89th. Pattern89 reflects how we explore the billions of data points in the paid social universe and help brands discover the winning patterns in their own social ad data,” said R. J. Talyor, founder and CEO of Pattern89. “Our platform enables brands to navigate digital ads across social channels in real-time and make data-driven decisions to reach their target audiences and drive engagement and conversions. We are excited about what the future holds both for our company and our customers.”

“Finish Line customers want the latest trends,” said Scott Hamlin, Finish Line senior director of marketing. “We’re partnering with Pattern89 to help us mine the data from our paid social campaigns and use it to deliver the best, freshest content to our audiences across social channels.”


About Pattern89

Pattern89, formerly known as Quantifi and based in Indianapolis, IN, combines the power of AI and campaign automation, helping brands discover the best content for paid social. With a four-step discovery process that identifies successful patterns in companies’ social ad data, automates ad creation to prove those ideas, optimizes ad spend with a proprietary algorithm and analyzes results to hone future campaigns, Pattern89 keeps businesses’ social ads up-to-date and maximized for performance. For more information, visit www.pattern89.com.




Jessica Mularczyk

JHM Public Relations for Pattern89