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Pattern89’s AI Reshaping Marketing in the News

Bridget Johnston December 2, 2019

The importance of AI reshaping marketing is ever-increasing, and news outlets like Forbes and Adweek are taking notice.

Below are a few pieces featuring Pattern89, that discuss how marketers need to embrace AI now.

Forbes: AI for Marketing: What Comes Next?

Forbes interviewed Pattern89 Founder + CEO, R. J. Talyor, to discuss the now-necessary benefits of AI, and challenges that are emerging for marketers. Read their story here. 

Adweek: Top Performing Emojis in Ads

The renowned resource for industry news used Pattern89’s creative data to determine what emojis and images will perform best for ads. Their findings may surprise you. Check out their infographic here.

The Wall Street Journal: Investors Urge AI Startups to Inject Early Dose of Ethics

Trusting an ethical AI solution is critical for marketers. That’s why Pattern89’s AI has had the best ethical practices baked in from Day One. Read more on the importance of ethics in AI here. 

TotalRetail: Retailers Believe in the Power of Artificial Intelligence

This story discusses how online retailers are reaping the benefits of data science and AI reshaping marketing, in order to reach customers and create campaigns that resonate. Read more here.

MarketingProfs: Marketers and Retailers, Want to Survive the Holiday Season? Implement AI.

AI will increase reach, decrease costs and optimize ad spend. That’s why online retailers are embracing it more than ever, during the holidays and throughout the year. Here’s how you can too.