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Podcast Features: Digital Marketing AI is Needed for 2020

Bridget Johnston December 2, 2019

AI has been the highlight of several marketing podcasts over the last year. Advertisers, strategists and influencers can’t stop talking about how important digital marketing AI is!

Here are our favorite podcasts to help you build an AI strategy.

Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel + Eric Siu

Some of today’s biggest marketing influencers are Neil Patel and Eric Siu. Eric is the owner of Single Grain, a marketing agency that saw a 9% conversion lift after one week of using Pattern89. In his podcast with Neil, he explains how AI works for advertisers, and what his company experiences when using it.

Listen to Eric’s thoughts on digital marketing AI in these episodes:

Social Media Examiner Podcast

The Social Media Marketing Podcast featured Paul Roetzer of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. In an episode, he discussed how AI will impact marketing, and how to get started using it. Tune in at the link below, to learn how to get started.

Growth Everywhere Podcast

This is a different podcast from Eric Siu. Tune in to hear how AI and machine learning actually work for digital advertisers.