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Predict Ad Performance with Pattern89’s Creative AI

Bridget Johnston June 22, 2020

You can always pick the winner, now that testing creative is obsolete. Pattern89 will accurately predict ad performance.

Marketers can now predict what creative will work for their Facebook and Instagram ads, before campaigns begin. 

A/B testing is obsolete. Marketers can now predict ad performance. 

Marketing teams have no time or money to lose on testing. Pattern89’s latest release ensures you reduce marketing waste through creative predictions.

Pattern89 Predict unlocks creative insights for over 2,900 ad dimensions, including:

  • Image Direction – Creative direct with confidence. Pattern89 determines what image elements, colors, settings, facial expressions and more will help your campaigns reach their specific goals. 
  • Video Direction – Learn the video lengths, colors, onscreen text and creative assets your ads will need to succeed. 
  • Copywriting – Know what copy, emojis and character counts will work for you.
  • Ad Formatting –  Get direction on which exact image dimensions will succeed on each platform and medium.

With unparalleled access to Facebook advertiser data, Pattern89 Predict is over 95% accurate.

  • It cross-analyzes all of your historic advertiser data against billions of other Facebook data points, to find successful trends and patterns in creative. 
  • Powered by artificial intelligence, Pattern89 Predict studies these trends and surfaces statistically significant creative insights that will maximize campaign success. 
  • After ads launch, it continuously monitors ad performance, and delivers real-time creative insights, so you can optimize ads in a click. 

Simulate new creative performance and launch ads in a click. 

With its easy-to-use interface, Pattern89 Predict can quickly upload and analyze millions of ad creative combinations and determine your top performers. It will combine every possible headlines, body copy, imagery and video combination to predict which will perform best for your brand. 

Once your top-performing ads are determined, you can launch them directly from the Pattern89 platform and start seeing their results immediately. Implementation is highly efficient, so no time or money is lost in setup.

As campaigns continue to run, Pattern89 will monitor their performance and alert users of targeting, placement and creative optimizations they can implement. By clicking the Do This For Me Button, marketers can implement optimizations in a click, so ads are always at peak performance. 

Curious about Pattern89 Predict? Try it for free.

We are now offering a free trial of Pattern89 Predict. Try it free for 7 days, and learn what creative predictions will help you achieve your goals.