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Put the “Lickable” in Clickable

Bridget Johnston July 13, 2021

You probably expected artificial intelligence to declare chocolate the best ice cream. 

It’s not. In our lead-up to National Ice Cream Day, Pattern89’s AI determined the 5 best ice cream flavors.

Chocolate, while very popular, ranks in third place. Let’s take a look at the rankings so far… And the data-driven details on why chocolate takes the bronze. 

boost ctr with chocolate cones

Chocolate cones take the bronze medal. What other flavors are popular this National Ice Cream Day?

Last place: Ice cream with raisins

#5: Rainbow Sprinkles 

#4: Smoothies

#3: Chocolate Ice Cream

#2: ???

#1: ???

The Data on Chocolate Looks Good

Simply put, chocolate outperforms vanilla, across the board. Advertisers use it more. Audiences click on ads with chocolate more. It’s the most popular ice cream flavor in copywriting. 

In fact, the word “chocolate” is 1109% more commonly used in ad copy than “vanilla.” It’s also 240% more popular than “mint.”

In terms of engagement, chocolate also provides higher click through rates. 

“Chocolate” has a 353% higher CTR than “vanilla” does.

While not the most popular emoji– that is ?– the ? emoji still sees some love from digital marketers. It’s 65% more popular than the ☕ emoji in digital advertising.

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