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Quantifi Product News: Better Insights and All the Data

Sharmin Kent August 31, 2017

September brings new product features to make the ads you build in Quantifi more effective. Plus, you can dig into your experiment results like never before.

New features include:

Saved Audience Targeting

Quantifi now supports the use of saved audiences from social channels. With our new integrated audience tool, you can easily build an experiment that compares your lookalike segments to custom and saved audiences.

Experiment Details

Each experiment now has its own control center where you can find all the metrics you care about (CPM, CPC, Revenue, etc). Plus, you’ll find custom insights to help you analyze what worked and decide what to do next.

Better Ad Management

As you monitor your ad performance, you can stop an experiment or a single ad within the Quantifi platform — no need to log in to each social channel. Use that extra time for a coffee break!

All Data Export

We know your marketing reports are unique to your business. So, we’ve added an export tool that allows you to get all your experiment results, across all the channels you used, in a single CSV file. Get those pivot tables ready because now you can sort, filter and calculate to your heart’s content!

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