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Quick Edits to Drive Digital Ad Conversions

Bridget Johnston April 19, 2021

Every marketing team wants to drive more conversions. 

Artificial intelligence can predict the creative decisions that drive conversions for any digital ad campaign. Along with this, AI can also help marketing teams plan long-term creative direction and strategies.

Here’s a look at some quick updates for your in-flight digital marketing campaigns… And some insights on how to plan creative for the next quarter. 

Quick Updates for Digital Ad Conversions

Driving digital ad conversions is easy, when AI gives you the cheat codes. 

Some updates– such as copyediting, changing CTAs and reallocating ad spend– can be completed very quickly. For today’s campaigns, here’s a look at some quick creative changes that will fuel the bottom of your marketing funnel: 

  • Optimal ad headline length is 1-20 characters.
  • Include the @ symbol and 🌈 in the ad headline to drive conversions.
  • Optimal ad body copy length 165-200 characters.
  • Include the ? symbol and ☺️ emoji in body copy to drive conversions.
  • Focus ad spend on Facebook Messenger.

Along with these creative updates, AI has identified what the creative that’s currently driving down conversion rates. Be sure to remove the following from your ad creative: 

  • Ad headlines of 95-120 characters are poor performers for conversion campaigns.
  • Body copy length between 285-380 characters is tanking conversion rates.
  • Stay away from the # symbol and ⌚ emoji in ad headlines.
  • Remove the # symbol and ⛈️ emoji from any ad body copy. 
  • Facebook is the poorest performing platform for conversion campaigns, so reallocate your spend this week. 

Long-Term Creative Planning 

In addition to these quick updates, AI is helping marketing teams like Lids and ad-flex communications plan future creative campaigns. 

Pattern89’s latest release can predict what creative elements– such as photography, color palettes, and video content direction– will perform for any campaign, across any industry, and for any audience. Our latest creative brief below gives insights into how to plan your future campaigns. Check out its contents to get a look at what how AI can assist with creative planning, and schedule a demo to try it for your next campaign.

Quick Edits to Drive Digital Ad Conversions