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AI reshaping marketing: So you’re a _____ marketer that wants to _____.

Bridget Johnston January 15, 2020

Fill in the blanks below and show it to your boss or team. It will help reach your goals and let you see how AI reshaping marketing can prove your ideas.  

I’m a marketer… and I’m good at _____. I care about numbers and I dig into data from _____ on a _____ basis. That’s why I know that data-backed creative predictions from AI will help me _____.

AI reshaping marketing understands creative direction for videos.

Using the best content, and striking the right balance of content types, is _____ to our marketing efforts. 

In a few minutes, AI determines what video content will make our ads perform. That’s pretty _____! It also knows what image-to-video ratio will work for us.

Here’s what video content performed best in 2019. Now imagine how quickly we could reach our goals if we knew that _____ and _____ will get people to click on our ads. 

AI knows when to refresh marketing creative.

Did you know our ads typically run for _____ days? AI has found that they should only run for 10 days!

This means that we need to be _____ when determining what creative to choose for our campaigns. The best way to do this, is have AI predict what engages our audiences the most.

Before ads run, it will predict what colors, imagery and emojis deliver our best results. Getting these insights will _____ our creative direction, drive performance and _____ inspiration.

Copywriting AI helps marketers be better writers.

How many characters should body copy for Instagram ads have? How many characters should _____ for Facebook ads have? And how many characters should _____ have too? 

AI knows a lot about writing the _____ copy possible. For example, it knows that top-performing ads have 38 characters in body copy and are 2.3 sentences long. 

It also knows how to utilize capitalization and special characters to drive performance. So now, instead of saying “Yikes!” when copywriting, we can say “_____.”

How can we get started with, and inspired by, marketing AI?

By now you know that we need to _____ and _____ to drive performance, and AI is the best way to do it. But are you feeling _____ about getting started? Don’t fear! 

Pattern89’s AI is available to try for free. We can ask AI our creative questions, and if we want to learn a lot more, we can get a free ad assessment. It’s 10+ pages of creative predictions to help our campaigns and creative perform. 

Both options are free, painless and _____, so let’s see what AI can do!