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Social Ad AI Coverage from Adweek

Bridget Johnston April 6, 2020

Adweek has been covering innovations with Pattern89’s social ad AI.

Infographic: Top Performing Emojis in Ads

From top-performing emojis to the best shade of blue for a carousel ad, AI is helping direct social media strategy. Pattern89’s artificial intelligence can predict which emojis will work for your brand. Check out Adweek’s infographic on what’s trending in the emoji world.

Imagery of Human Contact Is Down 30% in Social Media Ads

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everything, especially advertising. Pattern89’s advertising AI took a deep dive into what’s been working, not working, trending up, and trending down for advertisers every week. Read Adweek’s analysis of advertising trends in a socially distanced world, using Pattern89’s data-backed insights.

18 Tips on Advertising During the Coronavirus Crisis

The world has been adjusting to a “new normal” during the coronavirus pandemic. Adweek spoke with Pattern89 to learn how, and why, marketers still need to be running social media ads during this time. Read Adweek’s 18 tips on advertising here.