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Social Isn’t Free: Harnessing the Power of Creative

Sharmin Kent September 27, 2017

Creating the perfect social ad is a mix of art and science. Successful social media managers use data about their target audiences to inform the choices they make–but that doesn’t mean that social ads have to follow a strict set of rules.

Data shouldn’t be a hindrance to creativity. If anything, data can free marketers: data do a good deal of heavy lifting toward finding the right target audiences. Once an audience has been identified, it’s often easier to experiment with creative. Here are three ways to get started.

Brainstorm Without Boundaries

Creativity isn’t always a solitary activity–getting the team together to contribute ideas can open a world of possibilities. Try setting a timer for 10 minutes and write down all the ideas you receive, from the safe to the outrageous. Next, share your ideas with the group and whittle down the list to a handful of appealing and plausible concepts.

Use What You Know

Taking direction from your customers can yield surprisingly effective ideas. Use customer surveys and real-time social media interaction to point your team toward creating effective and engaging ads.

Of course, there are other ways to make the familiar new and exciting. User-generated content (UGC) is a gold mine of content that not only features customers, but doesn’t make a dent in your budget. And taking inspiration from competitors works as well–gather the best ideas on the market and see how you and your team can improve them.

Get Uncomfortable

Many brands have made their mark on the ad landscape by asking tough questions or showing challenging images. If you could work through the controversy, are there topics your brand could capitalize on?

Find ways to push through the discomfort and find what could resonate with your audiences. Keep in mind, however, that this could be a high-risk/high-reward situation. Remember to treat your brand and your audiences with respect.

Finding and choosing the best creative for social ads doesn’t have to be a chore. To learn more about how to get the most for your social ad dollar, download our latest ebook now.