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Smooth Operator

Bridget Johnston July 13, 2021

What’s your favorite ice cream? AI studied billions of sprinkles in marketing data to determine the best-ever ice cream, according to marketers and audiences. 

In a study that analyzed everything– from flavors to toppings– Pattern89’s artificial intelligence discovered advertising’s top 5 frozen treats. It revealed the worst ice cream and the fifth best. 

What’s next on the National Ice Cream Day countdown?  

Last place: Ice cream with raisins

#5: Rainbow Sprinkles 

#4: Smoothies

#3: ???

#2: ???

#1: ???

Marketing data has smoothies placing in 4th.

What’s So Special About Smoothies? 

Smoothies are fourth best frozen dessert, according to artificial intelligence. This blended drink is versatile, fruity and sometimes healthy, depending on its ingredients.

What data makes smoothies a 4th-place dessert?

  • They’re popular. Smoothies are 130% more popular than milkshakes.
  • Still, milkshakes are more clickable, with a 13% higher CTR.
  • Fruit is popular and engaging. The ? emoji is the most popular of ice cream-related emojis right now. 
  • The ? emoji is also highly popular and engaging.

Can You Disagree with Marketing Data? 

It’s pretty sweet that marketers can analyze any brand’s top-performing creative data. 

This is especially helpful when overcoming the obstacles put in place by iOS 15 and the end of third party cookies. With predictive analytics, marketers can determine their best creative decisions, across 49,000 ad dimensions, before spending. 

With this 360 look at your campaigns, Pattern89 unlocks the truth behind your brand’s creative:

  • Strengths: Learn what’s working best for your campaigns, so you can keep it up.
  • Weaknesses: What can be improved and why? Get direction to boost performance.
  • Opportunities: What ad adjustments will enhance campaign performance? See how to make them in a click. 
  • Threats: Get actionable insights into the creative decisions that are hurting campaign performance.

To predict what’ll make your next campaign perform, embrace your brand’s marketing data. Give Pattern89’s creative AI a try.