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Super Bowl Sunday is big for paid social. Are your ads ready?

Bridget Johnston January 4, 2019

Timeliness in advertising is key. In our ad trends report, we discovered that Super Bowl Sunday was one of the top-performing days for social ads in 2018.

Last year, ads running on Super Bowl Sunday were only topped by a few other holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day and Tax Day.

After seeing how successful ads were on game day, we wondered how football-themed creative fared with social ad consumers. To find out, we put our AI to work, analyzing billions of impressions and millions of data points. We found out what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to incorporating one of America’s favorite sports in ads.

Top Scoring Creative

It turns out that people love looking at football-themed photos. Images tagged as containing a football had one of the highest imagery ROAS scores of the year– 11.4.

Here are a few other football-themed images with high marks:

  • Images tagged as “team sport” had a ROAS of 10.4. Videos with this tag had a ROAS of 8.9.
  • “Team” had a ROAS of 9.0.
  • “Sports” and “sport” had a ROAS of 4.7.

We also saw that some image tags pertaining to football were less successful.

  • “Helmet” only had a ROAS of 2.8.
  • “Working out” and “exercise” both had a ROAS of 2.05.
  • “Leisure activities” had a ROAS of 1.4.

In terms of multimedia, videos tagged with “football helmet” had a ROAS of 12.8. “Football” and “American football” videos both scored a ROAS of 11.5.

We also wanted to see how football-themed emojis fared. Over the course of 2018, the football emoji was the 21st highest-performing emoji, with a ROAS of 6.4. The megaphone emoji performed better, with a ROAS of 7.1. Generally speaking, however, people like seeing more emojis focused on money, time, food or hand-gestures.

If you’d like to get your ads in shape for game day, check out our ad trends report. Its insights will help lead your ads to greater paid social success.