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Take a Deeper Dive into Social Ad Anatomy

Bridget Johnston June 28, 2018

The world of social ad campaigns is complex and ever-changing, and having the right tools to learn how to focus your efforts can help navigate it.

This is where our “Anatomy of a Social Ad” report comes in. This report serves as a benchmark for how to think about your own ads on Facebook and Instagram, and how to make them better and more cost effective.

At Pattern89, we believe social advertising requires a balanced, full-funnel approach. This means that successful brands need to create social campaigns that engage potential customers consistently and with the most effective creative possible.

But every part of a social ad has an impact on its audience, and it is critical for marketers to get creative right. From headline to call-to-action, everything can impact performance, and our data tells us what is working now. With the help of the Pattern89 Data Co-op, we’ve surfaced valuable data that reveals some best practices for successful and effective Facebook and Instagram ads.

Our “Anatomy of a Social Ad” report gives marketers the chance to really dig into these areas. In it, you can see:

  • How to focus your efforts on a full-funnel campaign, from awareness to conversion
  • What visual elements of an ad are most effective to include in your creative
  • How much emojis matter in terms of ad performance
  • Benchmark click-through and conversion rates per platform and per ad type
  • When, and for how long, it is best to run an ad

Now is the time for marketers to invest in social advertising, and our report serves as a great starting point on your deeper dive to creating better paid social.

Are you ready to start yielding positive results from your social ads?

Download Anatomy of a Social Ad to get started.