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Tasty Treats for Quarantine: Kitchenware Marketing Tips

Ellie Ball April 23, 2020

How’s your sourdough starter coming along?

Staying in means cooking in. With all of us at home, cooking and baking projects are part of our new reality. Naturally, the interest on social media in cooking and baking has been on the rise.

How should kitchenware marketing handle this change in social ads? Grilling the advertiser data can give marketers the answers they need in this time of uncertainty.

Pattern89’s social media ad AI analyzed advertising from 2019’s and 2020’s Spring season to see how coronavirus’ social impact had affected ad creative.

The junk is out.

Quarantine has forced many of us to start cooking, and many are just starting to learn this skill.

Learning new recipes is a popular pastime for many of us. Even though everyone on Facebook is talking about their new sourdough starters, kitchenware marketing is focused on healthy foods.

  • Imagery of bread dropped 54% in popularity from 2019.
  • The use of sugar imagery fell 76%.
  • Alcohol images are down 62%, when compared to last year too.

We can’t stop snacking

Snacking is becoming a habit many of us can’t stop. Even though others of us have gone into quarantine with some hefty health goals imagery of healthy activities and food has fallen and snacking remains supreme.

  • Imagery of fish has dropped 98.34%
  • Exercise images are down 54%

It’s not just health imagery that’s down, we’re just not thinking about food right now. Meal imagery decreased 91% from last year. 

Cooking in is saving you dough.

Showing dough will save you dough. Baking and cooking imagery CPC is down.

  • CPC for ads containing images of alcohol dropped 75% from 2019.
  • CPC for ads showing sugar fell 44% from 2019.
  • The use of health food-themed copy has fallen 64% from last year.

AI can find healthy data insights for you.

There’s much more to be discovered, beyond the trends outlined above. AI is helping marketers in all industries take deeper dives into their consumer data every day. No matter what’s happening in the world, taking a deeper look ad data creates better connections with customers. 

If you’d like to see how AI can help your ads in this uncertain time, you can get a free AI ad audit. It’ll help you discover custom creative insights your marketing needs.