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Why Testing Creative Gives Brands a Social Ad Advantage

Jeff Cunning October 19, 2017

At Facebook’s Global Partner Summit earlier this month, one of the key discussions was around the need for partner innovation with creative testing and optimization. Here at Quantifi, we’re investing heavily in helping marketers do just that.

Getting Creative with Creative

Different types of creative can yield wildly different results. But because the process of assembling many different ads with attractive creative is time-consuming, many marketers settle for simple A/B testing–which is rarely enough to determine an ad’s true value.

Our customers find significantly more success when they test a range of creative options. In fact, it’s common for Quantifi customers to see one creative option outperform another with a CPC or CPA that is ten times lower.

At the Global Partner Summit, Facebook representatives also noted that, on average, high-performing marketers tend to test five times more creative than lower-performing marketers. If you think that might be a lot of work, you’d be right–but with the right tools, streamlining the creative testing process can provide an exponentially higher ROI.

Powering Social Ad Success

Quantifi was built to enable marketers to experiment with a host of creative options and target audiences across ad channels, reducing the busy-work of ad building and maximizing return on ad spend. And we continue to invest in making creative testing easier and faster to set up. By offering marketers a more efficient way to develop creative, we empower them to find better results.

Through our continual product evolution, we hope to help even more marketers improve their campaign results by making creative testing fast, easy, and effective — not only on Facebook and Instagram, but across all of the ad channels we support.

Want to learn more about how Quantifi can help your marketing team get more creative? Reach out to us and request a demo.