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The Best in Brand Awareness Creative

Bridget Johnston February 15, 2021

Brand awareness creative success is impacted by every decision, no matter how granular. 

In our latest Creative Forecast report– 21 Big Ideas for a Roaring 2021– we’ve included three AI-generated creative briefs. Each brief has dozens of creative insights, discovered to drive each stage of your marketing funnel. Download the full report to learn what copy, colors, video clips and more will lead your brand awareness campaigns to success. 

A Thousand-Foot Glance at the Brand Awareness Creative Brief

Will images or videos perform better for brand awareness? What subtle differences in colors will drive consumers to click? Here’s a look at what artificial intelligence has found will work for top-of-funnel campaigns in Q1 and Q2 of 2021. 

Brand Awareness Creative Choices

How to Be the Best Creative in 2021

Along with using artificial intelligence to predict your brand’s winning creative, marketers need to prioritize empathy and understanding the cultural moments we are all living in. 

This sums up one of the report’s 21 big ideas, from Morgan Bailey, the VP of Product & Performance at QuickFrame. Her big idea for 2021 is: 

“2021 is a year of major transition—for businesses and consumers alike—and transitions are hard for everyone. Be sensitive in your creative approach, paying particular attention to brand positioning and customer experience. Consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on brand values and messaging. Your creative approach across the whole funnel needs to not only match the ethos of the moment, but also clearly convey what your company believes in.”

Blending excellent creative with empathetic, mindful messaging are what both creative and performance marketers must do this year. 

To take a good look at other thought leaders’ ideas, and to see what creative decisions A.I. predicts will pay off, get 10+ pages of predictions in our report. Download our 21 Big Ideas for a Roaring 2021 report for free.