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The Clock is Ticking: How Effectively to Refresh Creative

Bridget Johnston November 19, 2020

Once you launch a piece of advertising creative, it begins going stale. Top-performing brands need to refresh creative very often.

Typically, marketers run campaigns for a few weeks at a time. Nowadays though, ad fatigue is happening more quickly than ever. This could be due to more time spent online, waning attention spans and increased competition in the digital advertising space.

Whatever the case may be, marketing teams will need to double-down on creative, in order to succeed.

The Time To Invest in Creative is Today… And Tomorrow

Creative leaders, from across several industries, have given their insights into what the future holds for marketers in the 2021 Creative Forecast. 

Fredrik Thomassen is the CEO and Founder of Superside, which offers design subscription services from top designers around the world. When asked about what he thinks is in store for marketing creatives next year, he said: 

“Before you could get away with running the same ads to the same audience a handful of times, now all the social platforms require constant new high-quality content. Our prediction is therefore that in 2021 marketing teams will massively increase the budget for creative. “

According to artificial intelligence, Thommassen is exactly correct. 

Creative Trends for 2021

Consumers engage with fresh content. And unfortunately, advertisers are running campaigns for far too long. Creative lifecycles need to get shorter to keep up with their audiences.

While the average creative lifecycle for Facebook and Instagram campaigns is 36 days… Top-performing advertisers are updating campaign creative every 10.4 days. 

This tells us that after 10.4 days, consumers grow wary of repetitive creative and begin to disengage with campaigns. Marketers need to be proactive with their ad creative and plan to update content more frequently.


A look at industry specific creative life cycles

How long creative lasts per industry. But marketers need to refresh it every 10.4 days.

How to Keep Creative Fresh

So how do brands keep up with this demanding pace? 

It’s possible to unlock the creative content that’ll drive performance for your brand by analyzing historic ad data to predict future creative trends. 

The 2021 Creative Forecast Report offers 10+ pages of these trend predictions for next year. You can download it for free here, and use its data-backed insights to inform creative direction for your most successful year yet.