The House that AI Built

Bridget Johnston April 16, 2019

As digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google continues to grow, home goods retailers need to know what works best advertising. Lucky for you, our AI has discovered that and condensed it into a 2-minute quick-read report.

Our AI analyzed millions of ads and billions of impressions to learn exactly what consumers like most in home goods advertisements. As we learned what consumers are clicking on and engaging with, we noticed our AI was determining what furnishings would fill advertising’s perfect home. Our AI was building a house whose ROAS couldn’t be beat! And we can’t wait to share it with you!

So are you ready to get consumers to love your living rooms?

Want to make your bathroom ads look bomb?

Dying to discover how to get the coolest kitchens in your ads?

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And if you like what you see in it, you can pilot our AI for free. It’ll increase your ROI 21% in just two weeks.

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