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The Making of Constellation

Mark Clerkin January 8, 2018

2018 promises to be the year social ads grow up. Here at Quantifi, we believe in giving brands the best solution for creating, analyzing and improving social ads. And part of that solution is Constellation Scorecard.

Since our launch of Constellation Scorecard, we’ve received insights from hundreds of companies. Our goal is to analyze the top performers in 2017–based on return on ad spend (ROAS)–and develop best practices for social ads across channels. In short, we’re gathering millions data points from across the digital universe to craft industry benchmarks–and we’re just getting started. Here’s how the making of Constellation, our anonymous data co-op, and the Scorecard will revolutionize social ads in 2018.

Standardizing Success

As Constellation identifies top performers among the hundreds of brands in the co-op, we’ll analyze how those brands targeted audiences, developed copy and chose the winning characteristics. With our machine learning platform as the engine, we’re building a detailed method to examine text, images and videos and determine thousands of measurable attributes. This gives brands of all verticals a clear image of what success looks like.

From Trends to Roadmaps

As trends emerge, we’ll leverage our advanced analytics with the human element of coaching. Our digital marketing strategists then integrate those best practices into the roadmaps they create for our customers. The result: a custom social marketing strategy, designed to boost ROAS, augmented by anonymized data from Constellation.

Learning and Leveling Up

The combination of machine learning and digital marketing knowledge is critical to re-evaluating and discovering new attributes of successful campaigns. By reviewing benchmarks and data on a regular basis, a virtuous cycle of data analysis, learning and coaching will drive more ROAS. But more importantly, it offers marketing teams the ability to be even more creative with their social ads.

Constellation Scorecard is just one element of our plan to help brands build better social ads. Want to see how your social ads stack up? Get your Scorecard now.