The Q1 Product Release is here. ✨ Power every creative decision. Never A/B test again.

The Marketing Cheat Codes

Bridget Johnston February 16, 2021

Marketing is no longer dependent on educated guesses or A/B tests. 

By blending our natural creativity with insights found within our advertising data, artificial intelligence gives us a cheat code to achieving campaign success. Pattern89’s latest Q1 Product Release has four key components that help marketers unlock success quickly, easily and often in just a click. Check out our 4 marketing cheat codes, all found in the latest product updates.

Marketing Cheat Code 1: Predict Winning Content

Predict a campaign’s creative performance… before it ever launches.

Our latest release does just that, with improved functionality and datasets of more than 300 billion data points. By analyzing large datasets of digital marketing trends, Pattern89’s artificial intelligence can predict the creative decisions that will drive campaign success… with over 95% accuracy. 

Its new design also helps marketers efficiently surface their best creative decisions more quickly than ever. You can also discover, build and launch top-performing campaigns directly from the platform. 

This means you’ll never spend time or money on A/B tests again.

Marketing Cheat Code 2: Extend Creative Life Cycles

On average, top performing creative only stays fresh and relevant for 10.4 days. But how can you extend that life cycle to make the most of your creative work? 

Custom performance dashboards and simplified alerts are the place to start. 

The Q1 Product Release offers new, customizable creative dashboards, so marketers can showcase creative performance drivers across funnel stages, verticals, demographics and more. 

Optimizing ads in a click is something one of Pattern89’s most loved features, and we’ve brought it to the forefront in our redesigned dashboards. Now, marketers can see which ad adjustments will have the biggest impact on their campaigns, and by clicking the Do This For Me Button, those adjustments will be made in an instant. 

Marketing Cheat Code 3: Analyze All Your Ad Data

Advanced analytics help marketers understand the why behind creative performance. 

Pattern89 has upgraded its advanced performance analytics across more than 49,000 creative dimensions. These enhancements help marketers understand how their creative impacts ad performance. 

The Q1 Product Release also showcases how current ads and ad sets are performing relative to their dynamic benchmarks. This new feature increases transparency into A.I.-powered decisions, and automates highly detailed, client-ready reports.

Marketing Cheat Code 4: Use An API

Our new API integrates Pattern89’s creative insights with existing marketing automation tools. 

These capabilities allow marketers to unlock the power of deep, actionable data insights on ad performance across platforms and verticals. Brands are only beginning to tap into the capabilities of creative A.I. and these updates help make this potential a reality.

Try all four of these cheat codes for your marketing, by scheduling a demo. You’ll see how Pattern89’s latest updates can fuel your marketing success. Get started.