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The New New Thing Podcast: Amplero CMO Shares Where to Start With AI in Marketing

Liz Prugh June 12, 2017

This week on The New New Thing podcast we feature guest Matt Fleckenstein, CMO of Amplero, to discuss where marketers need to start with AI in marketing and how to avoid repeating mistakes of the past. Matt’s experience stems from years of working in leadership positions at leading technology companies like Salesforce and Microsoft.

In Matt’s current role as CMO at Amplero, his duties align with his deep love of marketing technology and the emerging artificial intelligence space, helping marketers connect better with their customers through Amplero’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform.

Throughout this podcast, we discuss the level of sophistication needed to implement new AI technologies into your current marketing strategies, as well as what Matt has learned from his own extensive experience.

Tune in for details on:

  • The dangers with the current state of AI and how to not repeat the same mistakes;
  • The challenges of commercializing innovative technology;
  • How brands like Sprint have used AI learning to better serve their customers;
  • Balancing human with machine both from the product development side and executing products to serve customers;
  • How marketers can set up KPIs and let machine learning do the computation side of things;
  • Matt’s wins—and failures—and what he’s learned from them.

Follow Matt on Twitter @matflec for more tips on leveraging AI in your current marketing activities, and visit Amplero’s website and Twitter @AmpleroInc to learn more about its Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform.

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This podcast is hosted by R. J. Talyor, editor-in-chief of The New New Thing and Liz Prugh, managing editor of The New New Thing. New episodes are published every Monday.