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The New New Thing Podcast: How a Dedicated Growth Team Can Transform Your Business

Liz Prugh March 31, 2017

This podcast is hosted by R. J. Talyor, editor-in-chief of The New New Thing and Liz Prugh, managing editor of The New New Thing.

Off the tails from our previous podcast on visual marketing, this week on our show we feature One Click‘s Director of Growth, Jon Corwin. Jon leads a team dedicated to continued growth, with a foundation built on experimentation through different digital methods and strategies. One Click, an online retailer offering Sunglasses, Readers and a complete line of Rx eyewear for people across the globe, dedicated an entire growth team to their business to stay ahead of the demand of the ever-changing digital landscape and world of ecommerce. 

In this podcast, we discuss: 

  • Examples of experiments that worked — and what hasn’t;
  • Why One Click rewards innovation and creativity among its team, even when failure is involved;
  • How One Click maintains a culture that encourages creativity and personal growth and why it’s key to their business’ success;
  • The composition and drivers behind forming a growth team [at One Click], and why your business should build one;
  • How to decide on what you’re trying to optimize for (i.e., acquisition, conversion, retention);
  • The best way to generate new experiment ideas;
  • One Click’s growth framework and process – particularly how they score and prioritize opportunities;
  • Learnings One Click had early, on vs. how their process and thinking has evolved over time.

In addition to being a growth-guru, Jon loves to travel and recently got back from a three-week trip to India. Follow his adventures on Twitter, and learn more about One Click on their website.

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