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The New New Thing Podcast: Teaching, Balancing, and Practicing Mindfulness With Crouching Tigers CEO

Liz Prugh July 17, 2017

This week on The New New Thing Podcast we’re excited to feature guest Olivia Roney, founder and CEO of Crouching Tigers. Crouching Tigers “is a turn-key business model and curriculum that allows martial arts schools to better reach their communities by reaching children in preschool. Crouching Tigers reaches a new demographic of children and exposes them to the benefits of martial arts while leading them to [a martial arts] school when the program is completed.”

We find Olivia’s journey to founder and CEO of Crouching Tigers extremely inspiring. At age 20, Olivia founded the company while attending college at IUPUI full-time. She’s grown the business to support several areas in Indiana and Massachusetts, and her offerings continue to grow. Olivia differentiates this child-based program by incorporating mindfulness into the curriculum. She shares her motivation behind this, as well as her marketing strategy, wins, and failures along the way.

Tune in for details on:

  • Her not one, not two, but THREE black belts;
  • How Olivia made her crazy idea to launch her business a reality;
  • Her marketing journey as she worked to craft the right messaging to her desired audience;
  • How she is always experimenting and current experiments she has running;
  • Where to start in teaching mindfulness and how to balance that into our busy schedules;
  • Her wins and failures, company rebrand, and more.

Find more information about Crouching Tigers on its website, and follow Olivia on Twitter @TornadoRoney.

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This podcast is hosted by R. J. Talyor, editor-in-chief of The New New Thing and CEO at Quantifi, and Liz Prugh, managing editor of The New New Thing. New episodes are published every Monday.