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The One Where We Repeat History

Taylor Bickett May 20, 2021

Everyone’s favorite dysfunctional friend group is returning to television on May 27th with a reunion show called “The One Where They Get Back Together,” and Friends fans both young and old are celebrating. Streaming services like Netflix (which hosted Friends until the end of 2019) have allowed younger audiences to enjoy shows that aired before they were born, which could explain some other “blasts from the past” that have made their way back into popular culture. 

90s trends like baggy jeans, slip dresses, knee socks, bike shorts, and claw clips have all become staples of Gen Z fashion. Teens have taken to social media to show off their favorite 90s looks, inspired by iconic characters like Rachel from Friends and Cher from Clueless. There is even a new model of the Tamagotchi, which is marketed to both nostalgic millennials and younger generations. 

As 90s nostalgia grows in 2021, brands have found ways to capture the hearts of both those who were around to remember the decade and teens who wish they had been.

Nostalgia Marketing Inspiration: The Numbers

Pattern89 uses artificial intelligence to analyze over 400 billion data points in order to predict marketing performance. 

From 2020 to 2021, AI found that:

  • The word “throwback” has gone up 633% in ad body copy use, while “retro” has gone down 33%.
  • The use of “1990s” in body copy has increased by 22,300%.
  • Mentions of “90s” have gone up 8,000% in headlines, 1,652% in body copy.
  • “Nostalgia” is more engaging than before, with a CTR increase of 12,816%.

So, “throwback” is in, and “retro” is out. We’ll keep that in mind next #ThrowbackThursday (a hashtag that originated in 2010, just in time for the 90s to become ancient history).

Something about the 90s is calling our names this year, and the Friends reunion has come at the perfect time. 

Go “On A Break” with Losing Ads: Using Data to Improve Performance

You may have sensed a resurgence of 90s trends this year, but AI uncovered concrete data to support it. Pattern89 uses this technology to predict future advertising performance and provide marketing inspiration that enhances the creative ideas that humans come up with. 

We don’t have the answer to the age-old question (were Ross and Rachel on a break?), but we can help you break up with A/B testing. You no longer have to waste time and resources on the “losing ad,” because AI will predict its performance for you.

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