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The Topic of Toppings: Ice Cream Creative in Advertising

Bridget Johnston July 12, 2021

Artificial intelligence has determined the best ice cream ever. 

At least… It determined advertising’s best ice cream! 

With National Ice Cream Day coming up, Pattern89’s AI studied all the ice cream in advertising. This means that Pattern89 Analyze looked at 500 billion marketing data points, 49,000 creative dimensions of each ad, and… 

  • Tons of toppings
  • A slew of sundaes 
  • And billions of sprinkles 

Throughout this week, we will count down the top 5 ice creams, according to AI. You can follow the conversion on Twitter and the Pattern89 blog. 

First, let’s take a look at toppings. 

What do marketers love? And what do audiences love to hate? 

What’s the Top-Performing Ice Cream Topping? 

On the topic of toppings, they give mixed results. A good example of this is sprinkles and nuts. 

how doo sprinkles perform for creative in advertising?

When it comes to creative in advertising, sprinkles aren’t commonly used. In fact, they’re 96% less popular than nuts.

Still, sprinkles have a higher CTR than nuts. This means that imagery of sprinkles are creative outliers– meaningly they’re not commonly used, but still performance-boosting.

Despite this data, fruit toppings reign supreme. Fruit in imagery is very popular and emojis like ? and ? have great CTRs. 

Now that we know artificial intelligence has determined fruit as the best topping… What’s the worst? 

Everybody Hates Raisins

This might come as no surprise. Ice cream with raisins is wildly unpopular, with marketers and audiences alike. 

rum raisin is the least favorite flavor for advertisers and audiences

Out of every ice cream attribute measured– including flavor in copy, imagery, emojis, toppings– imagery of raisins has the least engagement, by far.

Imagery of raisins has a lower 91% lower CTR than sprinkles. Raisins are also the least popular ice cream image, meaning advertisers use them very sparingly.  

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