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The Virtual Museum: Visit the Gallery AI Curated

Bridget Johnston April 26, 2021

Human creativity can be fueled by data. That’s why AI curated a virtual museum. 

Like a painter’s brush or a sculptor’s chisel, artificial intelligence is an essential tool for creative marketers. 

You can use it to predict winning campaign creative– down to colors, copy and even emojis– and prove those decisions will pay off. 

Here’s a look into our Virtual Museum, and how it’s helping marketing teams create with confidence.

The Gallery AI Curated 

We challenged six artists to use AI as their inspiration. Because Pattern89’s AI predicts winning creative content for marketing campaigns, we were able to come up with six unique commission prompts for them. 

With Pattern89’s predictive capabilities in mind, we asked our AI what creative would perform for digital marketing campaigns over the next few months. 

Since Pattern89 can predict what colors, copywriting, imagery (and more) will drive performance, we decided that our artists’ works should reflect this creative variety. The six commissions prompts we determined were: 

  • Conversion-Driving Colors: Which specific colors will specifically drive conversions for campaigns on Facebook and Instagram? 
  • Today’s Top-Performing Emojis: AI analyzed 350 billion advertiser data points to predict which emojis are driving performance for awareness campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The Most Cost-Effective Creative: Pattern89 Analyze determined the specific colors and imagery that will lead to the most cost-effective marketing campaigns for Pattern89’s brand.
  • Creative With the Highest CTR: Pattern89 predicted, with over 95%+ accuracy, which specific colors, number of faces, and crop will have the highest click thru rates on Virtual Museum ads.
  • Brand Awareness Boosting Imagery: When analyzing our own brand, Pattern89 determined the specific colors and the number of faces, work best for our awareness campaigns. It also determined that imagery with text overlays perform.
  • Winning Headline Copy: Copywriting and creative visuals go hand-in-hand. The Virtual Museum’s top-performing copy predictions inspired the artwork for this commission piece.

Each prompt gave the artists specific AI-determined creative instructions for their art– such as what colors to include and how many faces to include. And other than following those instructions, they were free to create any artwork, using any medium. 

AI Supports Creative Thinkers 

These six artists really brought their data-driven assignments to life. The six commissions that The Virtual Museum hosts showcase a huge amount of creative variety that only their unique minds could think of. 

The thesis of The Virtual Museum is this: 

Humans are our world’s true creatives. Artificial intelligence powers their creative decisions.

All six artists said that they never would have thought to create with the parameters they were assigned by the AI, but they were excited to get its direction and learn how it made its decisions. 

To tour the gallery and see their commissions, visit The Virtual Museum. 

And to use AI-driven creative insights on your next campaign, talk with one of our product experts.