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Think Outside of the Box

Taylor Bickett July 8, 2021

Where’s the fun in coloring inside the lines?

Normal is boring. Weird is good. You’ve heard all the clichés, watched all the coming-of-age movies, read all the self-help books. It’s the biggest trope in our world: creativity produces progress.

So, what’s stopping you? It’s more than just a cheesy line – breaking out of the mold and embracing the unexpected in your ads can take them to a new level. Not to mention, you just got a new secret weapon: creative outliers.

But what’s a creative outlier? ?

Creative Outlier (n.) A top-performing piece of creative -such as an image element or emoji- that isn’t commonly used but is proven to boost engagement.

Clickability is Key

Pattern89 uses artificial intelligence to uncover trends, predict creative performance, and (you guessed it!) determine creative outliers.

Let’s take a look at what AI found. These high-performing creative ad elements aren’t widely used right now but are proven to boost CTR. Let’s start with some quick and easy ad edits that we published in the new Creative Outliers mini report.

Use these headline emojis to increase engagement:

  • ?
  • ♂️

And use these body copy emojis:

  • ♀️

Now, for some big-picture content directions. These image tags are great for boosting clicks right now:

  • Mailbox ?
  • Analog clock ?️
  • Whiteboard 
  • Bowl ?
  • Sticker 
  • Veterinarian ?

Along with these video tags:

  • Bouquet ?
  • Mirror
  • Snow ❄️
  • Basketball ? 
  • Passport 
  • Novel ?

BONUS! Here is some character-count wisdom from AI; Try a body character count of 202 characters and a headline count of nine. 

What Will Predictive AI Discover For You?

According to The Marketing AI Institute’s 2021 State of Marketing Report, 52% of marketers said that marketing AI is very important or critically important to their success this year.

Furthermore, 81% of those who are currently applying AI say it is helping them accelerate revenue and get more actionable insights from marketing data. So, chances are, your competitors are already using artificial intelligence in some way.

By predicting your brand’s creative outliers, artificial intelligence gives marketers the creative confidence to experiment.

Want to venture outside the creative box? Schedule a Pattern89 demo to predict your low risk, high reward creative outliers.