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This Week’s Top 5 Facebook Ad Creative Trends

Bridget Johnston May 18, 2020

What’s trending for Facebook ads right now?

Facebook ad creative trends change quickly. Top marketers need to update their creative every 10 days, in order to stay ahead.

To help you know what’s working right now, Pattern89’s AI analyzed more than 49,000 creative dimensions of more than 150 billion ads. It found:

  1. Creative Goes KABOOM! CPC for firework imagery has risen 936%.
  2. Sorry… I was on mute. Copy using the word “Zoom” has increased 199% in popularity.
  3. How are you feeling? CPC for the word “frustrated” has risen 230%, and CPC for “tired” is up 59%.
  4. High anxiety? The word “breath” in copywriting has 2,188%. CPC for the word “sweat” has risen 152%.
  5. Are we still socially distancing? Imagery of houses fell 33% this week. CPC for the word “mask” is down 92%.

Predict What Works for Your Facebook Ad Creative

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