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Top 4 Takeaways from the MuteSix + Pattern89 Holiday Prep Webinar

Bridget Johnston October 21, 2019

Competition is fiercer than ever in the online retail space, and we joined forces with agency MuteSix to discuss how brands and retailers can prep for the holiday season. Listen to our discussion here, and catch up with some quick tips below. 

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2019’s online shopping season will be the biggest (and shortest) ever.

There are 6 fewer shopping days this holiday season. That means we all have one fewer week to do everything… AND it all kicks off in just one month.

Along with these high stakes, 59% of retailers say they’ll introduce new technology to present products, with AI and machine learning solutions expected to be top choices. As online retail sales grow, and new technologies are utilized by competition, marketers need to embrace new tech to stay relevant. 

Machine learning helps marketers find their edge.

Repurposing creative in advertising no longer works. Marketers need to maintain novelty and relevance throughout the shopping season, by implementing a variety of creative and strategic solutions. 

This is where machines can help tremendously. Machines can look at huge swaths of data, to understand what creative will resonate, what targeting decisions will best reach audiences, and how to achieve your brand-specific goals. 

Combining the right AI solution with your advertising intuition allows marketers to have comprehensive, accurate knowledge of what works for their brands. This helps marketers make accurate bets for their ads, even before ads run. 

You can learn from last year… but that isn’t enough.

Of course, marketers can learn from 2018’s holiday season, but new technologies have been introduced throughout the past year. 2019’s holiday season promises to be a completely new playing field, to which marketers need to adjust in real time. 

You need to iterate and optimize daily, and bet on the winning creative decisions AI identifies, in order to succeed.

You need to plan for post-holidays today.

Traditionally, we focus around a few big days (Black Friday, Christmas, etc.), but we need to plan beyond them. The holiday shopping season is really a two-month timeframe. 

After the holidays wrap up, marketers need to plan how to move their ads from product promotion to funnel expansion, so they can build a community of new customers to share about their brand. AI can also help with that, after the holiday rush.