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Truth Hurts

Taylor Bickett June 15, 2021

The truth hurts. Lizzo knows it and you do too, but learning about your weaknesses will make you stronger…

You’re doing a lot of things right. But there are ways that you can improve your ad creative, and data can help.

Pattern89’s newest feature, Creative Insights, delivers creative direction straight from the source – data.

It analyzes over 500 billion digital marketing data points to uncover what works– and what doesn’t– for your advertising.

Creative Insights breaks down your ad creative and pinpoint your strengths, a.k.a. what you’re doing right. But more importantly, it will show you the weaknesses and threats of your campaign. It shows you what you can be doing better.

It’s always hard to hear the negatives, but it doesn’t have to be. Just picture Lizzo, queen of positivity and self-love, saying: “You’re a bad (bleep). Let’s take it to the next level.”

Lizzo’s Creative SWOT Analysis

We just took a DNA test. Turns out we’re 100%… ready to analyze your creative!

But first, let’s take a look at how the “Truth Hurts” music video would perform as an ad, with a little help from artificial intelligence. Data that AI analyzed created this SWOT Analysis, and we’re sure it loves Lizzo as much as we do.

Strengths: “Truth Hurts” is set at a wedding and depicts people socializing and having fun together. As vaccination rates rise, people are engaging with content that depicts a return to regular life post-pandemic. Live events and socializing are some of today’s top content directions. This video gets bonus points for the fancy attire – tuxedos are driving engagement.

Weaknesses: Video ads featuring people cost more than those without people, and they don’t drive any more clicks. For maximum efficiency, we recommend shooting videos without people present. Lizzo should instead consider showing scenery, settings, and objects in her ad.

Opportunities: The best-performing video ads are between 50-55 seconds long. If Lizzo were to run this video as an ad, she should use a selection that fits in that time frame.

Threats: Warm colors, like pinks, reds, and yellows, are driving down CTRs this quarter. Since these colors are prominent in the music video, Lizzo should consider switching to a cooler color scheme. Shades of light blue and teal are great for engagement.

Get Your Marketing Truths

You’ve seen what it can do, but it’s time to try it for yourself. Creative Insights is now available for all Pattern89 customers.

If you’re not a customer, you can still check out this new feature by scheduling a demo! You can also get a custom Creative SWOT Analysis for your current campaigns here.

Let AI help you with your ad creative so you can get the most out of those “fresh photos with the bomb lighting.” Make Lizzo proud!